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12 Powerful Words

12 powerful words are a list of words used in testing. It is important that you talk about these words with your child.  Larry Bell, educational consultant, believes that all students can be achievers on standardized test if our students become familiar with these testing words.
There are many websites about these words.  Please take some time each day to go over these words with your child: make and play a matching game, draw a picture for each word or make a poster with all words and pictures.
Each of these ideas is an excellent way for your child to prep for the upcoming standardized tests.
  • Trace – list in steps
  • Analyze – break apart
  • Infer – read between the lines
  • Evaluate – judge
  • Formulate – create
  • Describe – tell all about
  • Support – back up with details
  • Explain – tell how
  • Summarize – the short version
  • Compare – all the ways they are alike
  • Contrast – all the ways they are different
  • Predict – what will happen next