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High School Course Designation

The following pages list courses and their descriptions.  Courses are designated general or college prep.  Your SVA Teacher and High School Coordinator will guide you in your course selections depending on your post-secondary goals.  
General Courses
A-G Courses
General Education courses provide students with a basic level of academic rigor. 
These courses meet the California content standards for all subjects and SVA’s high school graduation requirements for those who want to enter a community college, a trade school, and/or enter the workforce,
directly after high school.
It is important to remember that a student with these post-secondary plans is encouraged to also take college preparatory courses to challenge and prepare them for community college course work. 
Many students on this track combine courses with both designations. However, planning is very important because when a student chooses general education courses as part of their graduation plan, the courses do not satisfy admission requirements for UC/CSU for acceptance directly after high school. 
A-G courses are for students who plan on attending a 4-year college directly after high school. 
Students must complete a-g (college prep) rigorous courses that are approved by the UC/CSU system and deemed a rigorous preparation for direct admission to a college or university.
These courses meet the California content standards, are academically challenging, and meet SVA’s graduation requirements. In addition, they require substantial reading, writing, problem-solving, hands-on-laboratory work, analytical thinking, and substantial factual content.
Therefore, to be eligible for the UC/CSU systems, students must complete, with a C or higher, a pattern of fifteen A-G (college prep) courses.  Eleven of these courses
must be completed before the senior year.  SVA has approved A-G courses in all subject areas, and most community college courses qualify as A-G.